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Gas Vehicles

We offer a wide range of services for your gas powered vehicle, from oil changes up to complete engine swaps.  Click below to find out more about our gas services.

DIESEL Vehicles

If you own a diesel vehicle, you know how important it is to have a mechanic that is familiar with them.  Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing all diesel engines.

Who is Diesel David?

Your Local Mobile Mechanic

My name is David and I am an ASE Certified Technician. In 2014, I started a truly awesome service that eliminates the frustrations of working with a repair shop. My services are 100% mobile, yup, you read that right. My customers love me, because I save the time, money, and heartache. No more waiting rooms, no more sheisty mechanics, and the best part is you get to drive your car or truck with confidence!

Imagine yourself feeling good about calling your mechanic, and never having to stress about your vehicle working properly again.




  • Ryan Hirth

    He goes to your home or work to service your car, does good work, does it quickly and good communication like everyone else said. I've used Diesel David to replace an O2 sensor, for an oil change, and the monthly checks, headlights, battery, and fixed some major oil leaks, among other things.

    I have used Diesel David for at least the past few years now and my car has been working noticeably better since signing on to their monthly maintenance program.

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  • Laura & Eric Dreffin

    We were in the process of buying a Ford 6.0L diesel and had the Team at Diesel David do a pre-purchase inspection. They were very through and diagnosed any problems the vehicle had. The team checking bumper to bumper inside and out. This was incredibly helpful in the purchasing process as they found problems that I was not expecting! It's hard to find a good diesel mechanic, but this team is by far a GREAT diesel mechanic! Highly recommend David and his crew!

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  • Joel West

    We all know its hard to find a good mechanic. Its even harder to find a good (much less GREAT) diesel mechanic. Look no further...David and his entire team treat your truck like it's their own. Their work not only exceeds any shop I have been to in all of Georgia or Florida, they are upfront and honest when advising you during the entire job. Another thing that sets Diesel David apart is how they set the proper expectations...particularly in regards to time. You make an appointment and are frequently updated by Brendon (or one of the other guys) until your truck is ready. Whatever you need done - from minor to major - Diesel David is the only call you need to make!! (2008 Ram 3500 4WD 6.7 Cummins - 380K miles)

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  • Kevin Ness

    I had a small problem at Diesel Davids shop and it turned into a positive experience!!..ADDITIONAL INFO January 6 2021 After reading my review Diesel Dave himself! Contacted me to hear my side of the problematic review. After hearing my problems he offered to drive my truck and check the codes after hours at no charge to see what the problem was. We went back and forth for 3 weeks before I could bring the truck in. By that time the check engine light was back on. We got together at his shop and he scanned the codes and took a bunch of time contacting Dodge and replacing a Nox sensor. He really spent a lot of busy time trying to solve the problem. I appreciate his efforts to make a bad experience as good as possible. He seems to really care about his customers and their problems! Thanks

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  • Elbyn Mustafa

    Diesel David is a great place to take your food truck for service. We took ours and the have excellent customer service, David clearly explained all the options and the service was quick and on-time. Nice job David and Seth!

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  • MetalSupermarkets Marietta

    David gives us great service!

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  • Jacob Jones

    Very trustworthy crew, I usually do repairs on my own but I was puzzled and brought my Dually to them, happy it was something small, Will deffinately take my truck back for future work if need be.

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  • Michael O'Connell

    They are quick, efficient , and have wonderful customer service, even though extremely busy with the pandemic going on, they were able to fit me in for a battery replacement and it was extremely quick.

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  • Chip Campbell

    Incredible honesty, professional knowledge and care....highly recommend!!!

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  • Dave Lofquist

    Diesel David answered my call quickly and provided same day service at a fair price. I will use him moving forward.

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  • Ricardo Miguel Martinez

    #DieselDavid is exactly what a business owner needs to succeed - efficient, courteous & practical 🙋🏽‍♂️ you can either do it right the first time or pay (a lot more) for it later.. thank you again - Georgia Power Wash Company

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  • Corey James

    Great guy, Super smart and personable!

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  • Bryan Windsor

    Phenomenal. I’ve never trusted a mechanic before meeting this man. Highly recommend and I’ll be back.

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  • Remy Gedrose

    awesome folks up here. give them a shot

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  • Zack Good

    Hit him up he's one of the best out there!

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  • Bruce Rhodes

    david is an awsome guy and does great work

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  • Jonathan Fisher

    Quality work at good prices backed by a friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone needing work done to a vehicle!

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  • Gabriel Arronte

    Incredible Work! When the AC went out in my wife's car, they fit us in and got the AC replaced quickly. So thankful to have them local

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