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My name is David and I am an ASE Certified Technician. In 2014, I started a truly awesome service that eliminates the frustrations of working with a repair shop. We offer Mobile and Off Site Repair, yup, you read that right. My customers love me, because I save the time, money, and heartache. No more waiting rooms, no more sheisty mechanics, and the best part is you get to drive your car or truck with confidence!

Since 2014

When I went into business for myself, it has been my dream to change the perception of automotive mechanics.  We have all heard stories about mechanics taking advantage of their customers due to a lack of knowledge.  That’s why I strive to go above and beyond to make sure my customers feel 100% safe and secure when we work together, not just on the repair, but also educating them on any other repairs they may need either immediately or in the coming months.  

Now that you know a little bit about me, let me walk you through what it’s like to work with me as your automotive service and repair technician.

First and foremost, I break down all repairs into four categories:

URGENT: These repairs can cause catastrophic failures that could get you or a loved one seriously hurt or worse.  These repairs need to be done before the vehicle drives again, no ifs, ands or buts about it.  Examples of these types of repairs are critical brake conditions, stalling, overheating, significant coolant or oil leaking, as well as no starts.  If the vehicle is not running, that is considered urgent in my book.

RECOMMENDED: Any time there is a concern that should be addressed as a potential safety issue or money saving reason I will put them in this category.  Your vehicle may be running and continue to run, but you might not be aware of the potential risk involved in ignoring the issue.  Examples of these types of repairs are low brake life, weak A/C(ignoring can cause system failure), check engine and other warning lights, low tire pressure, timing belts, etc.

WORTHY OF MENTION: These are the repairs that can cause problems in the future.  I will always provide written notice of these issues as well as offer a time frame that is acceptable to prevent future complications from the issue.  Examples include windshield wiper blades, foggy or dim headlights, shocks and suspension, maintenance lights coming up such as transmission service, intake cleaning, etc.

COSMETIC: These repairs will not effect the drivability or function of your vehicle.  Often times these repairs are just an ugly sight or sound that you are tired of looking at or hearing.  I will likely make a mention of the issue, but it is not a repair that needs to be taken care of immediately or at all.  

Choosing the right mechanic can be tough.  If you aren’t 100% sure of the capabilities of your mechanic or have complete trust in them, you may have concerns about driving your vehicle after repairs are completed.  Using an ASE certified technician, like myself, is one step you can take to ensure your peace of mind.

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We have a Coverage Area of 1-100 miles from the shop. If you live in the area we would still love to help service your vehicle. We charge $125/hr (min 2 hours) roundtrip drive time to help cover time, gas and overhead.

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