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Looking to get a glow plug service?

Is your truck blowing smoke?

Should your turbo be making that noise?

No matter what the problem, We are fully qualified and experienced with diesel cars, trucks, vans, and vehicles. Just give us a call and we can get you set up for an appointment.

Maintenance Lights?

If you own a diesel, and I assume you do, you know how important maintenance is to the performance and longevity of your truck or car. You don’t really have many options here…you can either maintain your motor or wind up paying for major repairs. Owning a diesel truck gives you a certain pride, knowing you’re driving a pure American powerhouse; that is until you find yourself stranded on the side of the highway because you forgot to change your oil and your turbo quit working. Don’t sweat it though, I do maintenance on request as well as regular scheduled maintenance.

Hard Start or No Start?

Your diesel can be a finicky beast. Diesel trucks are famous for leaving drivers stranded, often at the worst possible time. Maintenance certainly helps reduces instances like this, but it won’t guarantee these types of failures will not happen. When you do find yourself stranded at the job site, or on the side of the interstate…just remember I am happy to meet you anywhere locally that you might be and do repairs on site. Use the calendar or call, it makes no difference at all.

Injectors, Turbos, Cooling System?

Injectors and turbos are the lifeblood of modern diesels. These components need an effective cooling and lubrication system to survive. A worn out turbo can make noise, cause poor fuel economy and sluggish performance, those symptoms can also be shared by bad injectors. A professional diagnoses assures money is well spent and the problem is fixed the first time.

Performance/Aftermarket Installation?

Did you know the high compression of a diesel motor can actually suck contaminants straight through the air filter? Maybe  you’re thinking about a new air filter right now. What about performance and efficiency…did you know there are aftermarket programmers that can change the horsepower or fuel economy of your diesel at the push of a button? When you get ready to make these type of upgrades, make sure you call me first. I have first hand experience with many of the after market manufacturers, and I can help you make a good decision for you and your vehicle.




  • Justin Roberson

    Diesel David was great. I had tuning issues with my 6.7L Powerstroke and David knew exactly the fix. He spent over an hour driving and fine tuning my truck. He was very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. The man knows his diesels. I will be taking my truck back to him for any future repairs/service.

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  • Orlando Ruiz

    Diesel Dave was fantastic! He came straight to my apartment complex and fixed my 1980 VW Rabbit after having called multiple shops that wouldn’t take my car in claiming it was too old. He diagnosed the issue and fixed her right up. He was very honest and straight forward and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Will definitely be reaching out to him if I have any other issues!

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  • mike kirksey

    My son borrowed my truck to move in Kennesaw, I live in Chattanooga. When my truck broke down I called and spoke to Mallory. They went to his house to look at it and when it needed to be taken to the shop, after hours she volunteered to be there when it arrived. NEVER have I had so much communication from a mechanic while they worked on it. When I went to pick it up they had a part that came in damaged. Once again after hours David made a special trip to Cartersville to get what he needed just to make sure I got my truck when promised. Sure wish they were in Chattanooga because I would NEVER take my vehicle anywhere else. Highly recommend Diesel David.

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  • Ben Howard

    David went above and beyond to help me with my particular situation. He took the time to give me a detailed explanation of the problems I was having. The technicians were very professional. From start to finish it was a great experience. I would highly recommend Diesel David to anyone.

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  • Joshua Maddox

    This is a good company. Seth was right on time and the job was done correctly. Seemed very genuine when talking to him, and showed me things about my car I would not have known otherwise. Convenient and honest...what more could you want from a mechanic.

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  • Drew Huseby

    My fiancé’s car broke on the side of the road and Chris Hatcher went above and beyond to make sure her car was fixed in a timely manner. Her car will only go to him from now on. Thank you so much.

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  • Christy Wall

    Recently purchased a diesel with some issues and David diagnosed the problem in our driveway. We left the car with him while on vacation and it now runs like a dream. It’s so nice to have an honest, knowledgeable company near us and we will only call David for any future needs for both our diesels.

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  • Cole Duckworth

    Diesel David has been great for my partner and I’s Tree Service. We bought a bucket truck sight unseen. After our truck spent over a month in another diesel shop, we needed another repair and called Diesel David. Not only did they send me a estimate before hand but once we decided to go ahead with the repairs they got right on it! Quick response, great service, very knowledgeable and fair pricing! We will continue to use Diesel David for all our medium duty needs!


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  • Kimberly Boris Levandowski

    Diesel David does diagnosing and repairs at the convenience of your home. He offers fair pricing and thoroughly reviews his findings prior to service. He has worked on both of our vehicles and we will continue to seek his services as needed.
    It's great to have found a talented staff of mechanics with integrity.

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  • Aaron Ozimek

    David is the only person I wlil call about my car problems. He is brilliant, honest, and will always look out for you as the customer.

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  • Emmanuel Melendez

    Had an issue with my vehicle and it was almost like a magician came to fix it, alakazaam Diesel david came and conguered

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  • Chris Nichols

    I have had David and Seth work on both of my Jeeps, and they are both extremely knowledgeable, and did an outstanding job. they have always been able to work me in in a timely manner, and are very reasonably priced. I will not allow anyone else to work on my Jeeps. They are the only ones i will call ever again

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  • Ruth Elsbree

    We've known David for many years and have always thought very highly of him. One recent repair required a great deal of research but once David fixed it our car stops better than it did when new!. We are very pleased with David's professionalism as well as the results!

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  • Jayson Moss

    I normally do not have time to write something for others to read. I own a small business. Like all small business owners, I work very hard, and a lot of hours. I need my diesel truck every day, If I don’t have it, I don’t get paid. It is extremely difficult to take time to keep it maintained. I have used Diesel David three times from fixing a problem to regular maintenance. They come to your location, so you don’t miss time on the job site or your place of business. David, Seth and Mallory are all great. They do awesome work at a fair price. anytime I have an issue or simple maintenance, I will call Diesel David to do the work.

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  • Matthew Dekorver

    So I'll paint the picture for you guys: it's Saturday evening, and I'm traveling though Georgia after a conference when my truck breaks down on the side of the road. I look up dealers and mechanics near me but they're all closed until Monday so I search for a traveling mechanic and find Diesel David's. I call and even though I didn't connect the first time, David sends a text like I'm his old friend saying "This is Diesel David, is everything ok?" After speaking with him I find out that I'm a long way out of his service area. Nevertheless, David takes time out of his day to listen to my issues and come up with a plan to get me back on the road. 20 minutes later I've got some insight into my truck's problem and within an hour I'm on the road. David also checked in on me hours later to make sure my truck making it. Even though David didn't turn any wrenches for me I can tell he's a stand up guy with bonafide integrity. If I'm ever having trouble and I happen to be in his service area I would definitely give him a call.

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  • Susie Thomas

    David is fantastic. He came out, figured out how to put my 4runner back together and knocked it out. Great guy and great mechanic.

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  • Eric Hernandez

    David was very professional and helped me with my vehicle!

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  • Anthony Campbell

    David has worked on our old 98 dodge diesel a few times now and always professional, delivering top notch service and repairs. Both onsite repairs and at his shop. Does what he says ahead of schedule, at a fair price. Highly recommend. Guarantees his repair work, which is great as a consumer looking for good value. i was particularly impressed in the onsite repair he did for us as we were located almost 70 miles from him. Amazing value for the work given he had to drive so far across town.

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