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Looking to get a glow plug service?

Is your truck blowing smoke?

Should your turbo be making that noise?

No matter what the problem, We are fully qualified and experienced with diesel cars, trucks, vans, and vehicles. Just give us a call and we can get you set up for an appointment.

Maintenance Lights?

If you own a diesel, and I assume you do, you know how important maintenance is to the performance and longevity of your truck or car. You don’t really have many options here…you can either maintain your motor or wind up paying for major repairs. Owning a diesel truck gives you a certain pride, knowing you’re driving a pure American powerhouse; that is until you find yourself stranded on the side of the highway because you forgot to change your oil and your turbo quit working. Don’t sweat it though, I do maintenance on request as well as regular scheduled maintenance.

Hard Start or No Start?

Your diesel can be a finicky beast. Diesel trucks are famous for leaving drivers stranded, often at the worst possible time. Maintenance certainly helps reduces instances like this, but it won’t guarantee these types of failures will not happen. When you do find yourself stranded at the job site, or on the side of the interstate…just remember I am happy to meet you anywhere locally that you might be and do repairs on site. Use the calendar or call, it makes no difference at all.

Injectors, Turbos, Cooling System?

Injectors and turbos are the lifeblood of modern diesels. These components need an effective cooling and lubrication system to survive. A worn out turbo can make noise, cause poor fuel economy and sluggish performance, those symptoms can also be shared by bad injectors. A professional diagnoses assures money is well spent and the problem is fixed the first time.

Performance/Aftermarket Installation?

Did you know the high compression of a diesel motor can actually suck contaminants straight through the air filter? Maybe  you’re thinking about a new air filter right now. What about performance and efficiency…did you know there are options that can change the horsepower or fuel economy of your diesel? When you get ready to make these type of upgrades, make sure you call me first. I have first hand experience with many of the after market manufacturers, and I can help you make a good decision for you and your vehicle.




  • Jacob Gathercole

    Not one to leave reviews unless something SUCKS really bad but..
    I am a capable guy who knows enough about cars to fix most things. My daughter’s car (gas don’t let the name discourage you) had a check engine light and like normal waited until the last minute to ask for help. Unfortunately my life was a little crazy and I just didn’t have time to deal with it so I told her to take the car to David’s shop.
    The whole experience was not what I expected, repair shops are not my friends as most of the work I have the tools and knowledge to complete the work myself, I always feel they try and take advantage of people but this was not the case here. (well I didn’t feel like it anyways as I know what it would take to fix the issues she was having). His team went above and beyond, put gas in the car and tested to insure emissions would pass (which I told them was not necessary). Communication was great.. As I told you on the phone I have another one coming your way that I just don’t want to deal with. Thank for the Honest work.

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  • Talent Motorworks

    Idk where to start, I got my truck back from these great guys and didn’t even recognize it. They were able to preemptively diagnose and fix problems that i wouldn’t of picked up on myself until it was too late and the quality of work is unmatched. Wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my work truck serviced. DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Can’t say the same for a lot of other companies I’ve taken my trucks to

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  • gsmith31329

    Great experience !!!
    Fast reliable work , with great staff.
    Had issue with light on a 26 ft box truck that most places didn’t want to even attempt to fix or wanted to hold truck for months just to look at it . I found them on google and even though it was Sunday they still contacted me to set up appointment to come in. When I did the appointment it was done within 2hours with annual inspection.

    Would recommend to any one with diesel vehicle service needs

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  • Ann Buoy

    Diesel David and his AMAZING team took care of my Marilyn Cantow (Red Ram 3500 dually 6.7 Cummins turbo diesel). SUPER impressed with this operation and the professionalism and communication are beyond stellar! I can honestly say I've never been SO impressed with an auto shop or its people. We paid someone else to look at our truck and try to tell us it was a transmission issue and NOT a cracked flex plate. I took it in to DD saying that we did think it truly was the flex plate......and it was!!! I am so grateful to have found caring and honest people to take care of my Marilyn 🙂 They take service to the next level!
    Thank you!!!!!

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  • Kris Straw

    I was looking for a diesel shop to get a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) of a used truck. I found Diesel David online and thought I would give them a shot – am so glad I did! Their PPI was very thorough (I also asked them to read the balance rates and check for codes) and resulted in the identification of a number of items, which were subsequently repaired by the seller/warranty provider. All of this info, including pictures of the issues and even a video showing no blow-by, was captured in their system and included in the report and subsequent estimate of repair. Brendon was my point of contact and he was fantastic. Brendon even interfaced w/ the warranty provider on my behalf to get the work completed and paid for. Brendon’s communication and follow up was excellent. This is where I will be bringing my diesel truck going forward. Would highly recommend these folks!

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  • Justin Deweese

    Great guy. Phenomenal business mind. Does the right thing.

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  • Charles Nichols

    The owner and staff are incredible, David takes great pride in his business and has a real talent in the diesel industry.

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  • Carol Ivette

    Here‘s why this is the only mechanic shop I TRUST. Diesel David has taken care of both, my Dodge Ram and my Buick Regal with cost efficient care and excellent customer service. Always honest with me about what to expect and what they can and cannot promise. BUT the real evidence test came when my Buick started experiencing some specific issues. Any other mechanic would have kept repairing my car over and over again but Diesel David evaluated my car, asked about my goals and set the right expectations. Turns out the best solution for me what to change that car. THAT’s what makes them different. The fact that they cared more about my experience and my expectations than continuing to fix my car. Great communication, real expectations, honest pricing and true care. Always choose Diesel David.

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  • Chris Pollatos

    I had been faithfully going to my RAM dealer to have my 6.7L Cummins work done since 2004 - UNTIL I got some bad fuel mixed with water in my tank. After a 45 min. "diagnostic test", my dealer informed me I would need my entire fuel system replaced at a cost of $15,000! I almost passed-out.

    Thankfully, I found DIESEL DAVID who repaired my fuel issues for only $800! - That's a $14,200 SAVINGS over what my RAM dealer wanted to charge me. I now only trust DIESEL DAVID with ALL my truck repairs. Don't waste your time and money elsewhere!!!

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  • Laramie Algarin

    Alex was very helpful on the phone

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  • Ahmed Esther Esile Iliya

    You are one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost give up on trading then I met her through a friend, Eliana russel the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I , I also recommended him to my friends and family member who also have become financially successful thanks to you , I have lost a lot but you gave me hope and faith that forex and binary trade could help, and you proved it when I invested just $500 and earned $6000 in just a week, since then it has been profit after profit all week, I am arguing the entire public to invest and be financially successful like me and my friend who have had same experience. Contact Mrs eliana russel
    Email :Russel@gmail.com
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  • Tillman TJ Durden

    I took my Honda Pilot in for an oil leak. They were very professional and transparent. I especially found the front desk very helpful in explaining all the possibilities we may encounter and how to best tackle those situations. It's a treat getting to feel that kind of trust and comfort while dealing with a mechanic. Much appreciated.

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  • MetalSupermarkets Marietta

    David gives us great service!

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  • Jacob Jones

    Very trustworthy crew, I usually do repairs on my own but I was puzzled and brought my Dually to them, happy it was something small, Will deffinately take my truck back for future work if need be.

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  • Michael O'Connell

    They are quick, efficient , and have wonderful customer service, even though extremely busy with the pandemic going on, they were able to fit me in for a battery replacement and it was extremely quick.

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  • Chip Campbell

    Incredible honesty, professional knowledge and care....highly recommend!!!

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  • Ricardo Miguel Martinez

    #DieselDavid is exactly what a business owner needs to succeed - efficient, courteous & practical 🙋🏽‍♂️ you can either do it right the first time or pay (a lot more) for it later.. thank you again - Georgia Power Wash Company

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